Top 5 Benefits of Search Engine Optimization Consulting



The internet is the most valuable digital marketing tool available to businesses today. It’s no surprise that many companies are investing in an expert search engine optimization (SEO) team to improve their online presence. 

In our opinion, having a dedicated SEO strategy in place is important and the best thing you should implement right away.

Essany Marketing practices with the latest and best digital marketing strategies. We’ll make your online marketing as simple as possible. We keep you updated on what we’re doing, and we do all the heavy lifting. 

We understand that the largest companies in the world make SEO a priority. With that said, the thing about optimization is that smaller businesses can benefit from SEO.

But does your company need SEO? And what are the benefits of it? 

This is our top 5 benefits of search engine optimization for your business with reasons your company should invest in SEO today.

1. Does SEO matter?

Yes! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures your website gets crawled by Google and other search engines efficiently. After your website is crawled, the information is gathered by the search engine. Once gathered, it’s filtered through and displayed in a Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs for short. 

As you get your search results, there are a ton of variables that help influence your website’s results. 

That’s where SEO comes in. Marketing is a wonderful thing if you use it correctly.

Let’s talk a bit about a few of the stages that make up SEO in the digital marketing world and what it entails.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is important for any business that has a website online. This goes for brick and mortar locations who sell products or services in-store or exclusively online. 

But why? 

According to SEO experts, the number one reason people leave websites without buying anything is because they didn’t find what they were looking for. 

The right keywords can help your website rank higher in SERPs and get you more traffic.

Content Writing

This technically isn’t a part of SEO but has a tremendous impact on your traffic. Content writing or ‘copywriting’ is the reason visitors come to your page. They want to read good content and the good content + the keywords get them there.

If you write good content that includes the relevant keywords, and you did your research, this is known as SEO copywriting. If you’d like to learn more check out our portfolio of copywriting samples here.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO consists of fixing links and crawl errors, site load time, if your site is mobile-friendly, and more.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is how clear your website’s communication is with a search engine finding the content. This is the reason we clean up pages that may otherwise confuse a search engine. Tasks involve fixing duplicate page descriptions, titles, correct image sizes, and updating content just to name a few.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is essentially anything that is not on your website and happens somewhere else but indirectly affects your rankings. Some examples include competition analysis, backlinks, optimizing Google My Business, and more. 

Local SEO

Local SEO is a mix of the above and is perfect for local businesses that want to stick out from their surrounding businesses. 

For example if you have a local restaurant in Chicago, and there are 500 other restaurants around you, local SEO can help.

This can include researching your local counties and cities, applying the correct keywords to your content, optimizing your Google My Business, among others.

Many business owners tend to think they can tackle it themselves before realizing this is a skill, and it’s not that easy. Many of us breathe, sleep, and eat data. We become detectives in this space and our goal is to push you to the top.

And SEO doesn’t happen overnight, sometimes it takes 6+ months to see the impact your SEO is having on a business. This is why we monitor the efforts along the way to show you what’s happening. 

So why is SEO a necessity?

In short, good search engine optimization makes it easier to market your product or service to the right people in the right places. The more people you have to target, the better your chances of capturing their attention and creating a sale. 

If you’re looking to market your product or service to a specific niche, SEO is the best way to target that market effectively.

Increased visibility and more sales

A great SEO strategy increases your visibility online, which can help boost sales. Because Google is the most widely used search engine around, SEO is a great way to get noticed. SEO can even be the driving force behind more sales. 

Google has an algorithm in place that favors websites that are considered to be relevant to the searches that people are conducting. And that’s where hiring a good SEO company comes in. 

Also, it’s not 100% clear what Google’s algorithm wants from a website. But generally, we have a pretty good idea due to trial and error, A/B testing, research tools, and other SEO techniques.

2. SEO can help you to rank higher

Google’s search engine is the most popular one on the planet. This means if your business is doing well on Google, then it is likely to show at the top of another search engine. 

And while SEO is not an exact science, it does show that websites rank higher when SEO practices are in place. In fact, when you make it to the top of search engines, your web traffic will rise accordingly.

That means if you want your business to rank in the top, your company should invest in SEO.

3. SEO will help you to earn more revenue

The average customer spends around 45 seconds on a website when they want to check out something. SEO improves the way your customers get to your website and the content keeps them there.

If your website is showing on the first page of a search engine result for a specific keyword, you are on to something. This means you’ve increased your chances of customers going to your website rather than another site.

The right SEO expert can increase your website traffic

SEO is a very advanced tool that can be used to increase your website traffic. The most important thing is to be careful not to publish too many keywords that are too similar to your competitors’ keywords. It is also important to be smart about where you publish your website. If you want to succeed, you need to use it to your advantage.

4. You can save time and money with a good website designer that also does SEO

While SEO can certainly help boost your visibility, designing a website that is easy for customers to navigate is critical. Your site design must support an SEO structure for long-term growth. Which means having a team that does both on your side is a win/win.

It’s essential to create a professional website. One that’s easy to navigate, provides your visitors with the information they want, and uses keywords that are relevant to your company and products. But having that easy to navigate and appealing site is a must.

5. SEO is the future of marketing and a professional opinion can be huge

Do you look at your website and notice other companies have more traffic or customers? This is the time to incorporate SEO just like your competition who are fully committed to SEO already.

The truth is, there are 4.8 billion internet users accessing the internet today and around 50% of that traffic is coming from mobile devices. 

If you’re behind on the times, this fact alone should encourage any business owner to make their company more visible online. SEO can make or break your opportunities for having more eyes on your website. Finding an expert that is on your side can be a highly valuable asset to you.

The bottom line

Search engine traffic is essential to any company’s online presence. We want to make sure that when a potential customer is searching online, that your website is at the top. 

We hoped you learned something here and we are ready to help with all of your digital marketing needs.

Do you need assistance in web design and development, copywriting, or SEO consulting?