What Are Keywords In SEO?

Keywords are the most important part of your content. While your content may be valuable and insightful, ultimately it must contain keywords. The keywords in your content is what makes it searchable and reachable by audiences in search engines.

It’s important to make sure that your keywords are used throughout your content in order to ensure that people can find it when they search for these terms. This is why keyword research is so important in SEO.

A long-tailed keyword are a string of keywords that consist of at least 3 words.

Here are 2 examples of different keywords. 


Law Firm

A long-tailed keyword are a string of keywords with at least 3 total.


Chicago-Based Law Firm

Search engines use keywords to index the content on your website, so it appears in search results. The more specific and targeted your keywords are, the better chance you have of ranking higher in search engine results pages [SERPs]. 

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