What Does Call To Action Mean In SEO?

A call to action is an instruction for the reader to do something. This could telling them to sign up for a newsletter, download your e-book, call you, or buy your product.

The goal of a call to action is not only to get the reader interested in what you have to offer, but also elicit an affirmative response.

For example, let’s say a reader went to Google, typed in a keyword, and your website shows up in the SERPs. By the looks of your website title and meta description, it’s exactly what they were looking for. 

Now they’re on your website, the information about your product or services are what they’re looking for, but now what?

That’s where the call-to-action comes in! 

A classic call-to-action button can say “Call Now”, or, “Get Your Free E-Book Here!”. You can also design some more elaborate call-to-action buttons using your color schemes.

Other types of call-to-action’s include flashing buttons with a simple arrow that pops up, and give an option to choose “Next”, “Buy now”, or “Sign up now”.

It’s up to you if you want to have it as part of an image, or you can set up an anchor text.

So in short, if you’re selling a product or offering a service, implement a call-to-action button today!

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