What Are 301 Redirects In SEO?

301 redirects are a common way of telling search engines and visitors where to find the newer version of a web page. In SEO this can make a huge difference.

When you change your domain name, setting up 301 redirects are important to keep all your traffic and rankings instead of leading them to an error. If you perform keyword research and realize that you should have used different keywords at a later time, you can update the url without losing the traffic or opportunities.

For example, let’s say you have this url:


and you realize later that there are more searches for


You can then set up a redirect from the first url to the 2nd url. 

This is also great if you have backlinks coming from websites that are pointed to one of your web pages. That way you don’t have to reach out to website editors every time you decide to update a url on your website.

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